Congregational Growth Resources

From UUA & Related Resources on Growth

Growing Your Congregation's Membership from the UUA

Member Support and Caring from the UUA

Growth Strategies Blog from the UUA

Small Group Ministry Resources from Skinner House

UU Growth Blog by Peter Bowden, UUA Consultant

From JPD Related Resources on Growth

Webinars - Online Workshops from CERG

Chesapeake UU Growth Committee (CHUUG)

Spread the Flame: Share the Message of Unitarian Universalism via the Web (.doc) by CHUUG

Sample Privacy Policy for the Web by CHUUG

Why Isn't Everyone a UU? (slideshow presentation to CHUUG on web page at SlideShare)

Presentation about Google Adwords for CHUUG on YouTube

Google Adwords 2Yr-Report (.pdf) for CHUUG

REACH: A UU Digital Ministry Program by June Herold of the UU Church of Arlington, VA

The Role of the Sponsor Church in Support of New and Growing Congregations (.pdf) prepared by the Denominational Growth Committee of the First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, DE

A Guide for Sponsor Congregations: Supporting the Growth of Unitarian Universalism (.pdf) prepared by the Denominational Growth Committee of the First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, DE

JPD Internet Consultancy to evaluate and make recommendations about your web site and internet presence, see Adjunct Staff.

Leadership Seminar slides (.ppt) from Mt. Vernon workshop at 2012 JPD Conference (video on YouTube) - the Facilitator's Guide (.doc) and Slides for a Sample Course (.ppt) are available at another site (dropbox) - contact Bill Clontz or Rob Brandt at MVUC if you have any problems or questions.

From various UUs on Facebook

(many JPDers are members there)

UU Evangelists Lab (closed group)

UU Growth Lab (closed group)

UU Social Media Lab (closed group)

UU Website Lab (closed group)

UU Young Adult Growth Lab (closed group)

Unitarian Universalists in the Washington, DC area (open web page - share your events here & share others with your friends)

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